Computer Repair
Error messages? Too slow? Unexpected noises or even no sign of life? We check your system quickly and efficiently, whether it is a hardware or software issue. By considering the best value for YOU we can offer a fast and reliable solution. If it can't be fixed on site, a repair will usually take no longer than one business day.

Hardware Maintenance
Whether it's a Desktop or Laptop Computer, Lint and Dust is clogging the vents and cooling elements. Overheating is the number one cause of component failure and loss of performance in Computers and Equipment. Regular maintenance can save you from costly  downtimes and replacements!

(The Texas heat paired with pet hair or an industrial environment creates an even more hostile environment for our computers)


OZEM Texas Consulting


Data Recovery
If your Hard disk is damaged and there is no backup available, don't try to fix it by yourself by using so-called data recovery tools. Every attempt to write on the drive will lower the possibility to get your data back and increase the effort and cost required to solve the issue. - We can also advice you about safe and reliable Data backup and recovery solutions.

Cloud Hosted Email
Your email, calendar and contacts wherever you are and on all your devices. We convert your existing email or establish a new service for you or your business. With Microsoft Office 365 ®, you also get a powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus guardian that filters the "bad guys" already before they arrive on your computer.

Computer Consulting
As computer consultants we bring in a fresh perspective to you.
We won't enter with a preset plan, but we'll tailor a plan according to your specific needs. Together, we will quickly find out what the real needs are and come up with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution.

What we can do for you:

Cabling and Network
We upgrade and/or re-configure your existing network infrastructure. 
Whether wired or wireless - WE are your partner.
Structured data cabling (copper - twisted pair) or 
Coax cabling for your cable or satellite TV - ($105 per wall drop (one storey)).